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Watch Batteries

We are the major stockist for Rayovac watch and clock batteries, the number one choice of professionals within the UK jewellery trade. All batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards and exacting specifications.

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Rayovac’s comprehensive assortment of silver oxide watch and electronic battery types offers a suitable power source for most of your electronic device in a compact packaging format.

Dedicated to reducing the impact of mercury on the environment, Rayovac Quartz is now recyclable, compatible and delivers the high performance in the wide variety of appliances you expect.

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Rayovac offers a wide selection of watch batteries fulfilling a multitude of consumer needs – our best quality and duration guaranteed. Focused on the requirements of modern electronic devices our high tech silver oxide batteries offer reliable, long lasting power providing reliable consistent performance.

Watch Batteries

The Puccini collection are Italian, handmade premium quality watch straps.